Maximizing Small Spaces: TV Mounting in Compact NYC Homes

Living spaces in New York City have only seemed to shrink, making it that much more important to find new and creative ways to maximize your square footage. When it comes to the placement of your television, the days of claiming valuable floor space with a credenza, TV stand or desk are over.

Today’s televisions are designed to be mounted on the wall or from the ceiling and that not only frees up more floor space in your home but allows increased flexibility and versatility to watch your TV in any room you wish.

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Choosing the Right Mount

No matter what size television you choose to purchase, that device can be attached to a variety of mounts. There are plenty of them on the market and knowing the size of your television and selecting the room in which it will reside are going to be essential for helping you pick the best TV mount for your space.

The following are just some of the most common factors in selecting the mount that fits best:

Television Size

There are two things to keep in mind with respect to the size of your TV. The screen size and the weight of the unit. You need to know that your mount can properly support the TV and keep it from crashing to the floor.

Wall Materials

You want to be sure that your mount is compatible with the materials used in the construction of your wall. A solid foundation is the key to ensuring that your television stays mounted to the wall or ceiling space you’ve selected.


Some wall mounts allow you to swivel the television. Some wall mounts allow you to tilt it up or down. Some wall mounts allow you to do both and a whole lot more. A small room may limit the movement of a larger size television. Choosing a mount that offers the desired viewing angle without hindering movement of the television or interfering with mobility in the room will be an effective solution for placing your ideal television where you wish.

Common Types of Television Mounts

There are three main types of wall mounts for your television. You can get a low-profile mount, a tilt mount, or a full motion mount. When wall space and square footage are at a premium, selecting the right type of mount will be critical for conserving space in your home.

Fixed TV Mount

The simple choice. The fixed mount is a stationary bracket that does one job: hang your television on the wall of your home. It won’t tilt, slide, swivel, or adjust in any way, hence the term “fixed”. These are typically the easiest brackets to install and the best choice for any room that doesn’t offer much space for movement of the television. You choose where the mount will be installed, attach the television accordingly, and that’s where it will remain in one position.

Tilting TV Mount

This type of mount does exactly what it says it does and that’s about it. The bracket allows for vertical adjustment of your viewing angle from five to fifteen degrees of tilt. A tilt mount is a good idea for rooms with enough space to have the TV angled into the space. Tilting the screen allows you to watch from different heights. 

When seated, you can tilt the TV down towards you, if you’re standing up keep the eyeline level. A tilting mount is also good for reducing glare on the screen from the sun shining through nearby windows.

Full Motion TV Mount

This is your all-purpose mount that can swivel, tilt, extend away from the wall, rotate, or offer a combination of these functionality features. The full motion mount is going to work best in a room where you have plenty of space to move the television back and forth, side to side, tilt, and so on. 

Be sure you measure the space surrounding the mount and compare it to the size of the TV you plan to install. If you can’t enjoy all of the functions that a full motion mount provides, you may be choosing more mount than you really need for your home.

Mounting Your Television on the Ceiling

For those cramped New York apartments where wall space isn’t readily available or the room too cramped to effectively place a wall mount, the ceiling is the next best alternative. The biggest advantage of a ceiling mount is that you can spin the television 360 degrees, allowing for viewing from any spot in the room. 

This level of flexibility is one of the many reasons why ceiling mounts are becoming more popular. Another advantage is that you have the option of placing it anywhere in the room you wish. Near the corner of the room, the far end of the room, or wherever the best viewing angle may be in your room.

Call NYC Mounting Today

Our team of TV mounting professionals have mounted all sizes of televisions on every type of mount available on the market today. We know how to anchor your desired mount in any type of wall, to ensure that your television is safe from damage while leaving ample space for you and your loved ones to move freely in and out of the room without hindrance or interference.

If you’re not sure what type of mount works best for your space or television, our TV mounting experts have the answers you seek. Your television is an investment and you want to protect it from damage. You also want to keep everyone in your home safe from a heavy television falling to the floor because it’s been attached to the wrong mount or the mount has been installed incorrectly.

When it matters how your TV is mounted, call the mounting experts at NYC Mounting and we’ll make sure it’s done right. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll help maximize the space in your small NYC home.


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