The History of TV Mounting in NYC: A Look Back

TV Mounting in NYC
The television has been a staple of American households since the 1940s. In areas such as New York City, where space is extremely limited, how and where a TV is placed within a home has significantly evolved since then. From bulky console TVs to minimalist, wall-mounted displays, this article takes a look back at the history of mounting TVs across NYC.

The Early Days (1940s and 1950s)

In the 1940s and 1950s, television was in its early days. The TVs were extremely large and bulky consoles, typically with massive wooden cabinets that housed the television screen. They were often placed in specific entertainment centers in the home, due to their significant size. Many NYC households placed them as a centerpiece in the living room, or sometimes in a corner of the room. TVs during this time often aesthetically dominated the space as a result of their size.

The Rise of Flat-Screen TVs and Wall Mounts (Early 2000s)

By the late 20th century, TVs transitioned into sleek, lightweight designs. The flat-screen TV was a game-changer, making it possible for families to place the TVs in many more areas around the home beyond a living room (such as a bedroom or kitchen). These modern designs were aesthetically pleasing, but they also saved valuable floor space, which was a precious commodity in New York City apartments.

By the early 2000s, the concept of wall mounting started growing in popularity for flat-screen TVs across NYC households. This made it possible for individuals to hang their TVs securely on a wall, freeing up even more space.


Professional TV Installation Services (Early 2000s)

The demand for wall-mounting TVs continued to increase, leading to a growing need for professional installation services. New Yorkers often lacked the tools and skills needed to mount a TV on a wall. This was especially true for those in apartment buildings with strict regulations and safety concerns. Professional TV mounting providers were able to find the best location for mounting a TV, ensure proper weight distribution, and conceal wires for a clean and polished look.

Design Integration and Aesthetics (Late 20th Century to Present)

NYC has always been an international leader in design – and TVs have been no exception. Wall-mounted TVs needed to blend seamlessly with the interior decor of a home, which resulted in architects and interior designers incorporating TVs into their design plans. Ultra-thin TVs and frameless displays are two types of designs that are a result of wall-mounting TVs, as well as households wanting designs that blend into a space rather than dominating a room.

These new ultra-thin TVs could be mounted flush against the wall, making them almost appear as a part of the architecture. Cable management systems were also developed to hide unsightly wires, contributing to a clean and clutter-free look.

The Streaming Revolution and Smart TV Era (21st Century)

Streaming access and Smart TVs started very shortly after the design of flat-screen TVs. New Yorkers soon had access to a wide variety of movies and shows all directly from a wall-mounted TV. Voice-activated assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, along with internet connectivity and apps integrated into TVs completely revolutionized the way New Yorkers interacted with their televisions.

Wall mounts were adapted to accommodate different angles, making it possible for viewers to tilt or swivel their screens for the best viewing experience. Adjustable mounts also made it easier to watch TV from different parts of the room or even the kitchen.

What started in New York City as bulky, oversized TVs with limited home placement options has transformed into sleek, modern displays of Smart TVs that can be mounted on walls with the help of professionals. With the growing advancements in technology and design, the future of TV mounting in NYC will continue to be innovative.

NYC TV Mounting Today: Frequently Asked Questions

What is TV mounting, and why do I need it?

TV mounting is the process of securely attaching your TV to a wall or other surface. It’s a popular choice in NYC because it saves space, enhances aesthetics, and provides a better viewing experience.

Can I mount my TV on any wall in my home?
While most walls can support a TV mount, it’s essential to consider wall type, weight capacity, and the location of electrical outlets and cables. Professional TV mounting services can assess and provide suitable solutions.
What is the difference between a tilting mount and a fixed TV wall mount?
A tilting mount enables you to angle the TV vertically for optimal viewing, while a fixed wall mount keeps the TV in a stationary position. The choice depends on your preferred viewing angle and room setup.
Do TV mounting services offer TV installations for all TV brands and sizes?
Most TV mount installation services can install TVs from various brands and sizes, but it’s a good practice to confirm this before scheduling an installation.
How long does TV mounting installation take?
The time required for TV mounting installation can vary based on the complexity of the job, but it typically takes between 1 to 3 hours.
Can TV mounting services also set up my new TV and home theater system?
Yes, TV mounting professionals offer additional services, including TV setup and home theater installation, to ensure your entertainment system is ready for use.
What should I expect from a TV mounting service to ensure they do an amazing job?
An exceptional TV mounting service will provide expert installation, secure mounting, and cable management, and ensure your TV is perfectly leveled and aligned for an outstanding viewing experience. They should also provide a lifetime warranty for their service.
How do I find a reliable TV mounting service in NYC?
To find a reputable TV mounting service across all of New York City (including Brooklyn NY, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and more) look no further than NYC TV Mounting. Our expert team can safely and securely mount your TV almost anywhere, all at an affordable price and with a lifetime warranty. We also provide services across Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
What is the cost of TV mounting services?
The cost of TV mounting services can vary depending on factors like TV size, wall type, and additional features like cable concealment. Our base cost to have your TV mounted is $89. Additional charges might apply if you have a particularly large Tv, add on a TV mount, or choose to have an in-wall cord concealment or external cord masking service.

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