Can My TV Wires Be Hidden?

Mounting the actual TV is easy, but what about those pesky wires? With visible wires, your home theater and TV mounting job can look inadequate. The real question lies within, can my wires be hidden, and how? The short answer is yes, but what are the advances you must take to conceal your wires? Hidden wires are a must for a perfect home theater! Hiding your wires can result in a clean and modern look for your TV mounting job. Imagine a guest coming into your home and seeing a mess of cables under your TV mounting job. How do you think the person would view your home? Hiding your wires is also a smart thing to do if you have kids or pets due to the liabilities it can provide to them. You wouldn’t want your dog chewing on your wires or your kid continually pulling on your loose cords, literally and figuratively. There are various methods you can use to hide your wires, given whatever circumstances you’re facing. If you are mounting a TV above a large piece of furniture, you can use that furniture to your advantage and conceal your wires there. One of the most common methods used, especially with a mounted TV, is to hide your wires through your wall. A method for the more crafty type is you can use a raceway to cover your cables. After you purchase the raceway, find a color of paint that matches your wall and use that raceway to cover your tracks. Voila, your wires disappeared. Another nifty method is to use something along the lines of a baseboard cord channel. Using this can prevent small pets or children from tripping over loose cords around your home theater or game room. This method can also help keep the wires hidden and out of sight. Hidden wires not only provide safety for those around you and bring the aesthetics of your home theater to a higher level. Visible cables and cords can ruin the visuals of your home in an instant, no matter how “clean” your home set up is. Here at NYC TV Mounting we can conceal any cables needed with our TV mounting services. Give us a call, so you don’t have to deal with hiding those unsightly wires behind a bulky piece of furniture or struggling to string your wires behind your wall. There are a plethora of ways to hide your wires, such as taking advantage of the piece of furniture placed under your TV, running the cables behind your wall, using a raceway to conceal your wires, or running your wires against the rim of your wall using baseboard cord channels. These methods are simple to apply to your home theater creation journey. Whether you’re watching your favorite anime or watching the most significant sports events with your friends and family, concealed wires are the way to go. If you have any further questions, give us a call!


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