Different Types Of Wall Mounts

TV mounts are an essential thing for mounting your TV because they can hold your TV up. Mounting your TV is much better than setting your TV on a TV stand. We can provide you with a list of the top three most common TV wall mounts. There are many different types of TV mounts in the market, but what mount is best for you and your TV.
Types of TV Mounts:
  • Full Motion
  • Tilting
  • Fixed/Low Profile

Full Motion

The full motion TV mount is the TV mount for it all. The full motion TV mount can give you various ways to position your TV without regularly replacing your mount. This mount ensures no matter where you are in your room, you will have the perfect viewing angle. The full-motion TV mount is perfect for mounting a TV in your bedroom because it could sometimes be hard to find an ideal spot to mount your TV. A full-motion TV mount is also perfect for larger room and more open rooms. They are also perfect for mounting above fireplaces because you can move them forward to prevent your TV from getting damaged if you decide to light a fire. If your home is more open, you will have a massive advantage with this TV mount. For example, if your TV is playing from the family room and you’re in the kitchen, you can entirely move your TV over to see your TV as your cooking dinner. The only big con of a full-motion Tv wall mount is that it is slightly more pricy than a fixed wall mount.

Tilting Wall Mount

A tilting mount allows you to tilt your TV vertically. Tilting mounts are best for TVs mounted over a fireplace or mounted on a bedroom wall. These mounts are best for rooms with a large amount of natural light since angling them down can help stop reflections from the sun. Not only is can a tilting TV mount provide fewer light reflections, but it can also prevent neck strain while taking in your favorite form of entertainment. Tilting wall mounts are slightly less versatile than a full-motion TV mount. Still, tilt wall mounts can offer a clean and straightforward aesthetic while giving your entertainment setup versatility.

Fixed Wall Mount

Fixed mounts give your TV a low profile mounting job for your TV. Fixed mounts are perfect for when you are sitting directly in front of the TV. Fixed wall mounts lack versatility and must be leveled perfectly, or you’ll begin to notice more neck strain the more you watch TV, but fixed mounts are typically the go-to mounts because they are the most cost-efficient and the easiest to install. Researching the best mount for your TV is essential to the TV mounting job. When you buy the perfect TV mount for your job, it makes the TV mounting job much more straightforward for TV mounting services such as NYC TV mounting and allows us to understand better how you want your TV mounted.


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