How to Hide Wires When Mounting TV

You’ve done the work of mounting that TV yourself but there’s just one lingering problem: What to do with all those unsightly wires hanging from the back of it. Don’t worry, we have solutions to a variety of problems when it comes to mounting televisions – and this is the one we are asked about most often. Here is our advice to those who need some ideas for concealing those pesky cables.

The Best Options for Hiding Your TV Wires

There are three effective ways for keeping your wires out of sight when mounting your TV to the wall. You can choose from one of these options depending on how many wires you need to hide and how much time you want to devote to the task. As always, be very careful when working with power tools and don’t perform any type of home improvement work unless you feel absolutely confident in your own skills.

When in doubt, call a professional mounting company like NYC Mounting and we can install any mount, attach your TV to it, and hook everything up. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your home system.

Plastic Hooks

This is the easiest option but you need to have something in place to conceal the wires behind. It’s a great solution for rooms where the wires can be anchored behind home furnishings like a dresser, a desk, a set of shelves, anything will do, just as long as they are positioned beneath the television.

You should be able to find a package of plastic hooks at your hardware supply or department store. These are equipped with adhesives so you may attach them to the back of just about any hard surface finishing. Just gather your wires together, affix the hooks in place, and use them to anchor the cables and keep them out of eyesight.

Cable Concealers

You can find these in both decorative and raceway variations and they’re an ideal alternative for hiding your wires when you don’t have furniture placed under the television. Simply measure the distance between the television and the opposite end of where your cables are attached. That way you’ll know how much wire you need to conceal.

Once you have that measurement, you will know how many concealers are needed to finish the job. When mounting the concealers, follow the instructions for attaching them to the wall. Bunch the wires together, run them along the mounted base and then slip the cover over them. If you aren’t able to find concealers to match the color of your wall, you might decide to paint them.

Run the Cables Behind a Wall

This option will require drilling or cutting into your drywall and some of you may not feel comfortable doing some light carpentry work. For those of you who have experience with this form of labor, you’ll need to remove the TV from the wall first.

If you mounted your own TV, you already know how important it is to know where the wall studs are located. This job won’t be much different, but this time you’ll need a stud finder to identify where the drywall panels are located and avoid the studs. That way you’ll have space for the wires to go.

Choose your spots in the wall, one for the cables to go in and another for the cables to come back out, and make your holes. Run the cables into the first hole and pull them back out of the second. Be sure to install two cable plates at these openings and install them.

When you’re done, you won’t be able to see any of those pesky cables!


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