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There are many important factors to consider before you attempt to mount your very expensive flat-screen TV to any wall in the home. One mistake and your smart TV comes crashing to the floor when you least expect, resulting in damage to the wall, the floor, and of course, your high-definition TV.

Not to mention the potential danger of a falling TV injuring a family member or a pet.

Hiring professional TV mounting services can help you avoid all of these risks at a price you can afford.

The benefits of TV wall mounting

There are many reasons why you should mount your TV on a wall. Some of our customers have limited space in their home or apartment, others just want a more modern interior aesthetic that a TV mount can provide. The latest flat screen TV models are more secure on a TV mount instead of placed on top of a table or dresser.

Our service professionals can meet every installation challenge in any type of home and building materials. So why should you consider having your TV mounted to the wall?

Converse floor space

Available space can be at a premium for many homeowners and renters. Buying a new TV doesn’t have to take up valuable floor space in your living room, bedroom, or outdoor patio. Today’s flat screen TV’s are more lightweight and slimmer than ever before. These technological advancements have made for a sharper, brighter picture and more amenable wall mounting.

It’s true most TV’s come with attachable pedestal legs or feet but you still need to have a flat surface like a dresser, media cabinet, or table on which to place the TV. When you mount the TV to a wall there is no need for extra furniture and the result is wider space and a more open floor plan in your room.

More viewing angle options

You have a wide range of TV wall mount options for use with your flat screen TV. Many mounts can hang the TV on your wall in the same manner as a picture frame. It sits parallel to the wall and remains in that position. But a full motion wall mount offers more flexibility and versatility for maneuvering the screen into a number of different positions. You can tilt the TV up and down, right to left, even twist it sideways if you prefer.

Safety concerns

Since the latest TV’s are thinner and lighter their center of gravity has changed. This makes them more vulnerable to getting toppled over by mistake. Someone may unwittingly knock into it, a young child might tip it over, even a careless pet could accidentally send it plunging to the floor.

This could end up injuring a loved one and severely damaging the TV. But if you mount the TV to your wall, those perils are eliminated entirely – as long as the work has been done by a qualified TV mounting professional from NYC TV mounting.

The services we offer

We recommend hiring a TV mounting service company to ensure the safety and security of your device. Many of our customers have called us after attempting to install a TV mount to the wall. What they thought was originally an excellent job will sometimes turn into a disaster as the mount is torn from the wall and the TV crashes to the ground.

NYC TV mounting offers a full menu of professional TV mounting services to protect your TV while enhancing the décor of the home and positioning it in a location that makes it easier for everyone to see, no matter where they sit in the room in which  the flat screen TV will reside.

Don’t do it alone. Not unless you have the tools, the experience, and expertise to keep you and everyone in your home safe from all of the possible risks that come with this type of installation job. An errant drill working in the wrong spot of the wall can damage your electrical system or a mount attached to a weaker section of a wall could damage the TV, the mount, and your home.

Call the TV mounting experts at NYC TV mounting to do the work right, the first time. The following are just some of the TV installation services we offer:

  • Offer advice on the type of wall mount or bracket that works best with your TV.
  • Mount your TV on any type of wall surface. We can install your TV to walls made from drywall, concrete, stucco, brick, plaster, you name it, we can do it. Our technician will measure the thickness of the wall first and examine behind the wall to prevent any damage to wiring or pipes.
  • Remove the mount or bracket of your previous TV, if necessary.
  • Connect all cables and conceal them from view upon request.
  • We’ll be happy to install additional equipment including receivers, sound bars or other home sound systems upon request.

Don’t do it alone. Not unless you have the tools, the experience, and expertise to keep you and everyone in your home safe from all of the possible risks that come with this type of installation job.

How to schedule an appointment with NYC TV mounting

Give us a call or schedule your appointment through the booking portal on our website. Before you do, be sure you are prepared to supply some pertinent information needed to best address your particular TV mounting needs:

Size of your television

The first thing we need to know is the size of the TV in inches. The wall mount needed for installation is going to vary depending on the TV. A 32” TV will require a different mount than an 84” TV. The size of the TV is usually printed on the product box but if you are still unsure, simply measure the screen diagonally from top to bottom and you will find the size.

Type of mount

We ask that you decide on the desired mount for the TV before the technician arrives. Do you wish to have a fixed mount or would you rather have the flexibility to tilt or swivel the TV?

Location for installation

Where would you like the TV mounted? Indoors or outdoors? Above the fireplace or in the kitchen? Maybe you’re not sure. That’s okay, we can offer professional advice to help guide you.

Choose your date and time

Our customers have busy lifestyles and we want to accommodate your schedule. When you reach out to NYC TV mounting, have a day and time in mind and we can arrange to have one of our installation experts come to your home or office to install your new TV.

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